Academc Policies

Homework and Responsibilities

Homework is assigned to develop initiative, responsibility, and self-direction in the student.

Homework should be between 30 minutes to 1 hour, as each student is different. Homework

may not always take the form of written assignments and maybe for the following reasons:

• To reinforce concepts and skills presented in class.

• To foster creativity and discipline through enrichment projects or research.

• To teach the students to work independently and to accept responsibility for completing

the task.

• To complete unfinished work when necessary.

• Late or incomplete assignments will affect a student’s final grade.

• Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.



Students will be promoted based on academic achievement.

• A student will not be granted a social promotion. To be promoted from one grade level to

the next, a student must attain an average of 70 or above in all subject areas.

• A parent conference to discuss the progress of the student will be scheduled for reporting

academic concerns before a final decision is completed.

• Progress Reports will be issued to the parent after 4 weeks to report progress of the


• The Principal may decide to retain a student, in whatever grade level if progress has been

difficult and insufficient progress not made throughout the year.

• Parents have the option of complying with the directive of the professionals of the school

or withdraw the student from Holy Family School.



 Report cards for Grades K3 & K4 will use the following grading symbols:

S = Satisfactory, W = Working On, N = Needs Improvement

       Report cards for K5 will use the following grading scale:

√+ = Exceeds Expectations, √ = Meets Expectations, √- = Needs Improvement

Items marked with (-) indicates that it was not introduced or

evaluated at this time.

 Report cards for Grades 1-3:

Will use numerical scores for Language Arts (Reading Comprehension, English, Spelling, and Phonics),

Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Catholic Doctrine.

 Letter grades (S, N, & U) for oral Reading, Penmanship, Health, Foreign

Language, Physical Education, Computer, Music, Art, and Conduct.

       Report Cards for Grades 4-5: 

Will use numerical scores for Language Arts (Reading, English, and Spelling), 

Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,cand Catholic Doctrine. 

Letter grades for Penmanship, Health, Foreign Language,

Physical Education, Computer, Music, Art, and Conduct.   

           Marking Code for Grades 1-5

A = 90 – 100 N = Needs Improvement

B = 80 – 89 U = Unsatisfactory

C = 70 – 79 S/S = Content Conduct

F = 69 & below 

S = Satisfactory



If a parent wishes to view his/her child’s cumulative record, a written request must be submitted

in advance to the school office. Student Records are kept in the School Office.